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Bruce Jun 25, 2023

Instructors were great! Funny but serious about teaching proper and safe use of a handgun. My wife and I learned a lot and will attend future classes.

Eliza Jun 19, 2023

This class was highly informative and educational. I look forward to taking another class through this company.

Beth May 30, 2023
Kenneth May 21, 2023

Outstanding eye opening course. Many things were taught that I didn’t know. The information was almost shocking to learn. Excellent instructors, everyone should take this course.

Ezra May 8, 2023
Zachory May 8, 2023

Awesome class and instructors did an amazing job

Erika May 7, 2023

The instructors were amazing. So knowledgeable and very engaging presentation of information. They made all participants feel comfortable, answered questions well. The hands-on training part was so well organized, safe, and meticulously supervised.

Ryan Apr 25, 2023

Great class, learned a lot and I am confident owning a pistol after the range training! Instructors are very knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had.

Courtney Apr 23, 2023

Eric and Don are so informative and have extensive knowledge. They did a great job of presenting and instructing on gun laws, gun safety and everything in between while keeping us all engaged and interested. They handled the range time effectively and efficiently and taught us all so much alongside CJ and John!

Isabella Mar 27, 2023

The whole team was great! My mom and I were new to pistols completely and they made this course educational, safe and welcome for all skill levels

Kyle Mar 26, 2023

The instructors were fantastic. Kept the training interesting and on point. Would highly recommend.

Rory Feb 27, 2023

Great course for beginners; learned appropriate gun safety, laws, and some technical skills. Unfortunately NYS mandates the hours requirement; in my opinion all info and range time could be completed in a 1 day course.

Ryan Feb 26, 2023

Great instruction. I had no experience and was anxious about handling the gun. However, the instruction and exercises leading up to live fire were through and built my confidence quickly. By the time we got to firing I felt very comfortable handling the firearm.

Robert Feb 26, 2023

Was a little frustrated with the new requirements under NY law, however this course and it’s instructors were phenomenal. 100% worth it and I now think anyone owning firearms should definitely take this for everyones saftey.